Smart, simple and rapid insight

into your business!


Create clarity
with clear focus

In every enterprise, every project, and every business transformation there is the opportunity to see things differently. Enterprise Lens simplifies the complexity within your business, to bring key insights into focus.

Imagine your enterprise as a blank canvas.

On this canvas you add every aspect of your business – in their logical groups. Then overlay this view with a series of unique lenses. These lenses are like ‘actions’ and ‘insight’.

They allow you to see the impact of actions on your enterprise in a truly unique way.

You can change lenses, overlay lenses, add new lenses or create super-lenses.

Use these lenses to play out programmes of work, show insight or actions across your business. All on a single Illustration.

That’s the power of Enterprise Lens.

Enterprise Lens makes the complex look so simple, you’ll wonder why you’ve never seen your enterprise like this before.

So smart, it’s not a BI tool, it’s an accelerator to help you focus on what is important to you and your team, your senior management, your CEO or your Board.

Most importantly, Enterprise Lens gives you rapid time to value and the flexibility to change or modify your view with a simple click.

That’s smart, simple and rapid insight into your business.


What you want to see, what you want to do

It’s the simplicity of Enterprise Lens that makes it unique and that’s why you’ll love it. It’s quick to use and easy to get started,  with powerful tools and pre-loaded template libraries –  giving you rapid time to value.

What is Enterprise Lens

Rapid Insight

Gain fast, accurate and deep understanding and clarity of purpose within minutes using our unique approach

Create and Personalise Lenses

Powerful editing tools allow you to build, populate and manipulate your canvas applying your custom lenses, attributes and associations

Easy to Understand - Easy to Talk To

Create and brand your own canvas to create a professional outcome that is easy to understand by Board, the Executive and the Business.

Simple User Interface

Easy to use, simple to navigate, intuitive for all. It provides clarity on business programs, applications, transformation and operations in a smart visual format

Branding - White Label

Easy to load, you can create/choose your own style guide and apply these to boxes on a canvas to create your own quick and unique insight

Build Powerful Associations

Create impressive “association” relationships between canvases or boxes and apply attributes to really make your story come to life


Our story is unique
– so is yours

A great story teller once said, ‘It’s all about the data’.

But the data couldn’t tell the story by itself.
It needed a picture, a canvas, an illustration to bring the story to life.

Enterprise Lens Overview

Enterprise Lens was born from necessity – to bring simplicity to complex programs, processes, applications and digital business transformations – to help visualise any enterprise story that needs to be told.

We help present what is complex in an easy-to-comprehend canvas, with a flexible and dynamic configuration that can handle ‘what if’ scenarios on the fly.

Your story needs to be told.

Our mission is to let you see your business, accelerate insight and tell your story – now that’s unique.


We’ve been
there, we understand

Enterprise Lens was built from real, business world need. We needed Enterprise Lens, so we’ve developed it and now you can benefit from it.

Collectively, the founders of Enterprise Lens have over 80 years of business experience that they bring to your canvas.

Over this time, we’ve challenged many businesses and industries to take a new look at what they’re doing; whether it’s their data, their processes, their applications, their desire to transform or simply to take a more strategic approach.

We’ve met these challenges, so that you can learn from them.

Our mission is for you to see your business and to share what you see.

Enterprise Lens will help you differentiate your key message, to make your vision real and inform your audience in a new and meaningful way. Use Enterprise Lens as a ‘call to action’ to bring your stakeholders on your journey and demonstrate your depth of understanding.

It’s so simple – it’s high impact, let everyone see your business.

26 years experience creating and delivering business and IT related strategies across mining, utilities, health and technology sectors

Outcomes focussed with considerable experience as a tranformational change agent

Demonstrated strengths in leading teams, building strong vision and delivering extensive cost savings and operational efficiences

Brian McSkimming

Positive attitude and management style driven by understanding leadership qualities, empowering individuals, and taking teams on the journey.

20 years of executive level experience across numerous industries (Financial Services, Management Consulting, FMCG, Utilities, Media), including CEO & Director level experience with 3 ASX listed companies

Delivery focussed with proven results in change management, business expansion, strategy implementation and all aspects of corporate governance

Colm O'Brien

Strong interpersonal and relationship skills, having successfully led diverse teams and people to achieve high performance outcomes.

Commercially minded, practical thinking, delivery focussed Executive with a proven track record in solving business problems, driving results and quality execution

Significant business/operational strategy, business transformation and change management experience across both domestic and international markets

Mark Davies


Let’s see your business, today

Contact our team at Enterprise Lens and we’ll show you how quickly and easily you can see your business.